The Art of Connection Community is a thriving, non-judgmental,
caring space for connecting real people for real conversations & experiences relating to conscious living,
health and well-being.
This community is a place to connect, learn, expand, and RISE together,
whilst empowering each other to live a life of greater depth and aliveness.
We provide an offline and online platform for you to acquire helpful tools and resources,
that will reconnect you to self, to each other and to the earth in a heart-centered way.

The Art of Connection aspires to explore all parts of our being with curiosity, willingness and an open heart.

The Art of Connection offers experiences that are brave, safe, fun and meaningful,
where we get to adventure into healing & connection ~ within the relationships with
ourselves, nature and each other.

These experiences are offered in;
- In person classes and workshops in Coolum Beach offering modalities such as yoga,
meditation, breathwork, dance and movement. In Coolum we also hold donation based community conversation evenings, and offer a platform for guest facilitators to share their magic. 

- As well as an online membership platform for accessibility to anyone not able to visit us physically!
- Workshops at festivals, retreats, private groups and corporates
- Private mentoring and group online courses

Our team consists of world-class teachers provide the perfect mix of wisdom,
embodied experience, knowledge and support to help you elevate your mind,

body, and heart wellbeing and connection.

We will support you to develop a thriving connection to your self, your relationships,
to nature and inspire you to live to your fullest potential.